The Changing Impact of Education on Divorce and Break-up Risk

According to CDC, the US records about 2,265 divorces daily. This sums up to 827 thousand divorces annually, according to data received from each state by CDC. The reasons for divorce vary with each couple, but the most common reasons are substance abuse, adultery, lack of communication, finances, or love getting cold. 


Further statistics show women are 68% more likely to initiate a divorce compared to men. Younger couples are likely to divorce more than older couples. Education level plays a significant role in divorces and separations, with more educated couples less likely to divorce compared to less-educated couples.

Why the rate of divorces and separations have steadily risen in the last three decades

In the 1940s to 1950s, couples who were divorcing or separating were few as they focused more on family and kids. It was not easy to initiate a divorce or separation due to several reasons. First, the society was not supportive, and anyone divorcing or separating was viewed as a failure by society. Secondly, the legal systems favored couples that were determined to save their marriage than those seeking to divorce. Thirdly, divorcing was an expensive affair that was only affordable by those that were well off financially.

From the 1990s to date, the number of divorces and separations has drastically risen due to various factors too. Firstly, the law is more liberal, and judges are quick to support divorces. Secondly, today’s woman is more empowered and freer to make independent decisions. Thirdly, it’s cheaper to go through the legal divorce process than it is to sustain a marriage. Lastly, society is more supportive of divorcing today than it was about three decades ago.

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Why education is significant in the rate of divorces and separations

Another important thing to investigate is the role education has played in divorces over the years. According to The Guardian, students who joined universities in the 1960s were only 4 percent. In the 1970s, the percentage rose to 14%. Today, over 40% of students who complete high school join university.

Looking at the statistics, fewer people were educated in the 1960s and there were fewer divorces. Today, more people are educated but there are more divorces. This fact is not enough because you must look deeper to find who is divorcing more.

Who is more likely to divorce in terms of education?

According to the Marriage Restoration Project, married graduates are less likely to divorce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports in a study that found that people that are more educated are more financially stable and are less likely to divorce.

Those with high school education have higher rates of divorce but the highest rates are recorded from those who didn’t complete high school. This shows divorce rate is directly proportional to education level. The main reason is that less educated people are likely to have less financial freedom but there are more reasons for this.

Other factors tied to education and divorce

Those who graduated from university have spent more years pursuing education. By the time they enter into marriage, they have grown in age and are more mature. Those who dropped out from or completed high school are likely to get married when they are still too young. A small misunderstanding might lead to divorce or separation.

Individuals with more education tend to be more informed on issues of life. They are likely to critically think through the issues before they decide to divorce or separate, unlike those with high school education or lower.


The rate of divorce and separation has been on the rise over the last three decades. The reasons for divorce range from adultery to finances, substance abuse, and lack of communication. Education plays a significant role in couples’ divorces and separations. Married graduates are less likely to divorce compared to couples with a high school certificate or lower. Education and finances have a direct link where those with more education have more financial freedom.

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