Man trashed Thai restaurant in New York now arrested.

A man trashed a Thai restaurant in New York, USA after he was refused free food. The local officials have arrested a suspect that rampaged and urinated inside a chicken rice restaurant on 16 January 2022. Police state that the incident is not considered as a bias incident. Sophia Mason from the New York Police reported to VOA Thailand that the suspect is Selouis Olivio 32 years old from New York. The suspect was arrested on 7 February 2022 at a subway station after the security officer recognized he was a suspect in the case. He was suspected to have rampaged a local restaurant and was arrested at the station. 



Officials confirm that this is not a crime relating to bias incident.  The incident took place when a man with big build, pale skin, and around 170 centimeters tall walked into ME Chicken Rice Restaurant. The business is located in Manhattan, New York City. He asked for a free food but was denied. The man then sat inside before knocking down a chair and a kiosk machine. Then he urinated on the floor right in the middle of the restaurant before saying “I’ll see you later”. He continued trashing the store even though the restaurant called the police and recorded a video. The incident was around 15 minutes, items inside were damaged but fortunately no one was injured. 



Nonglak Saelim an employee stated to VOA Thailand that the restaurant has talked to other Thai businesses in New York on different methods to handle similar situations. The business now has a way to deny free food that can protect similar incidents from happening. Even though police confirmed it is not a crime related to hate, but more Asians have been attacked in New York since Covid-19 started. What do you think about this incident? Did the suspect act out with intentions related to the restaurant being Thai, or was he just angry from being denied free food?  


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: New York officials confirm that this is not a crime relating to bias incident.


Source: VOA Thailand