Flash flood traps 300 people in Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai

A flash flood on highway 118 road on 3 August 2020 connecting Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai has trapped 300 people. The flash flood blocks the main road, locals in the area cannot leave the road and are cut off from other areas. Police Major General Suepsakun Buarawong the Commanding General, Military Circle 33 went to inspect the flash flood in Mae Wan Village, Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai. Locals are still stuck inside as water continues rising on the road. There is also continuous heavy rain affecting the necessary repairs. 


Credit: INN News


Officials from Artillery Battalion 7, Mae Takhrai National Park, the local government organization, and other related officials have collected the required resources including food and water for the people stuck inside the middle of the flash flood. The Mae Wan area has at least 70 people trapped, the Wat Pra Baht Bang Fan Temple area has at least 200 people trapped inside. The bridge connecting these 2 areas to the main road has been totally blocked off by the flood. Officials managed to deliver the food by floating them across the water into the areas. 


Credit: INN News


Konsan Suwanampa the Chiang Mai Vice-governor has stated that Chiang Mai officials and other related offices are speeding up the repair process. The repairs will be completed within 1 day, villagers are expecting to travel using their vehicles when morning arrives. Ban Mae Wan will be receiving a bridge sent in from Phichit Province to help connect the roads. The bridge is expected to be installed within a day. This is the worst flash flood highway 118 has seen, there are a total of 6 spots totally blocked off by the water. So far 3 spots have successfully been repaired and the remaining blockages are major ones that require more time and people to successfully repair. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: Locals in the areas are expecting to travel once the repairs are completed weh morning arrives. 


Source: INN News