Singha Estate supports CPSAT with design of Boccia National Training Center, taking part in cheering Thai athletes at Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

Singha Estate shows supports for the troop of Thai Para athletes competing in Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games in Japan and support the Cerebral Palsy Sports Association of Thailand (CPSAT) with the design of the Boccia National Training Center. The center was completed with international standards to help enhance athletes’ preparation for competitions, and also implemented Singha Estate’s “Enriching Life” vision in creating value for life, and the Universal Design concept that responds to the housing trend in Wellness Society.


Singha Estate Plc continues an initiative by Boon Rawd Brewery Co, the main sponsor of all sports associations for the disabled since 2005, by taking part in the design of Boccia National Training Center for CPSAT, which is located at the Sports Authority of Thailand’s complex in Hua Mark. This training center is a main training venue for the country’s Boccia Paralympic athlete team. It is therefore vital in developing athletes’ performance and promoting knowledge and game technique relating to Boccia to neighboring countries in ASEAN.


Presently, Thai athletes have won many competitions in the Boccia World Championship. The Boccia National Training Center has also played a significant role in preparing Thai Boccia athletes who attends Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games in Japan during August 24-September 5.


Mr. Sathit Seupsuk, Senior Vice President – Design & Construction of Singha Estate Plc, reveals that the design of Boccia National Training Center is crafted especially for Para athletes, where Singha Estate took part in the design development to suit real functions. This includes the design with wheelchair ramps allowing disabled individuals to use wheelchair without assistance, restrooms with no-step floor, doors with proper width and special handrails, lifts and fire exits for safety, and sports training facilities with international standards.


“Our team is very proud of being a part in developing the Boccia National Training Center. More importantly, we can make use of this experience regarding the Universal Design to enhance our future projects. The heart of Universal Design is to serve various requirements of residents, being aware of equality and flexibility while functioning. It needs to serve a variety of requirements for individuals, including people with disabilities and elderly, so the most important aspects are ease of use, flexibility and safety. We will apply the concept into our new projects to cater growing demands of housing in Wellness Society,” Mr. Sathit said.