“Smart Workspace Solutions” to enhance your “Flexible, Convenient & Efficient” working life.


Designed with state-of-the-art technology and service from Canon to support the workflows anyone could wish for, enhanced with highly efficient solutions to fit the new working patterns to enable a seamless working environment inside and outside the office.

  • Canon fully understands the new work trend and helps drive your business into digital transformation


At present, the normal work trend has drastically changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, prompting organizations to actively respond to situations as well as the New Normal. Technologies have played an increasingly important role in our every footstep and fueled enterprises to the world of digital transformation at a much faster pace than ever. Work from Home and Hybrid Workplace, which have been widely adopted during the past lockdown periods, prove to be highly efficient. And that is where Canon’s “Smart Workspace Solutions” can make things easy for you, as  the intelligent solutions developed by Canon help strengthen your business with latest technologies and serve as an important tool to manage workflows for those working from home and working in the office with more convenience.


During the post Covid-19 period when lockdown measures have been eased, it can be clearly seen that many organizations have adjusted their operational strategy for hybrid work, offering more flexibility for employees to work either from home or at the office. Some organizations adopt the policy of 100% working in the office, while some may allow employees to work from home 100%. In this respect, Canon has designed services and solutions that support all kinds of working styles in response to a Smart Working trend. These intelligent solutions help organizations with several preparations, ranging from workspace, office equipment and technology to security tools and measures, in order to address problems at work and assure employees that they will be able to work smoothly, smart and efficiently, no matter where they are.  The solutions can help transform your organization simply into a Smart Office right at your very first step into the office.


“The Forefront always remain important with Time Attendance and Access Control Systems”

Many organizations may already have a screening point system installed, but the spread of a contagious disease requires more stringent screening system before entry. For this reason, Canon has provided various innovative intelligent solutions and technologies that cover ranges of any requirements of all organizations and facilitate data management of location access based on high-performance security systems, with functions in the following categories:

  • Time Attendance: This all-in-one solution comes with a CCTV system and software that add more features to time recording systems, which can detect human faces and display the date, time as well as location to allow you to manage each employee’s attendance.
  • Access Control: Due to the spread of the Covid-19, everyone needs to remain vigilant and avoid physical contacts as much as possible. Nowadays, there are several access systems to choose from, such as Finger Scan or, to reduce touchpoints, Face Scan and Face & Card Scan, with body temperature screening when we walk past.
  • Face Recognition Performance: The technology needed for enhancing security and facilitating screening entries refers to the advanced Face Recognition system which can identify anyone walking past even though he or she is with a face mask on or wearing eyeglasses or a hat.
  • Visitor Management: Sometimes, we are required to invite visitors from outside to attend meetings in our office. Canon has developed Visitor Management System to manage entries of visitors. The system allows visitors to pre-register for entry via a QR code sent by the inviting employee prior to the visit. The system can record and recognize the face of the pre-registered visitors, and upon arrival, the subject visitors will be able to access the office hassle-free with no need to spend much time with the receptionist.


“Transform your Special Work Corner with Meeting Room & Hot Desk Management Solution Systems”

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many organizations have downsized their workspace and optimize the use of space. Some organizations have reduced the number of desks and adopted Hybrid Workplace and Work from Home, with less number of remaining employees working in the office to maintain social distancing, while some other companies allow their employees to flexibly change their desks to avoid being stuck in the same environment. For this reason, a fuss-free system to help efficiently manage reservations for desks and meeting rooms is definitely needed for the convenience of employees.


  • Meeting Room Display & Booking: You will have no more frustration in finding a space to meet up with someone, as Canon has an intelligent solution “ecobook” that helps manage reservations of meeting rooms. The system can be connected to Microsoft Outlook and Google Workspace (G Suite), enabling employees to reserve meeting rooms It also comes with a Room Display feature, a digital display screen installed in front of the meeting room showing reservation status and reservation of the room can also be easily done on the screen.
  • Hot Seat Booking & Desk Pod: You no longer need to fight for a seat, by use of a hot seat booking feature on the ecobook which connects to the Desk Pod. Or just scan the QR code displayed on your desk to see booking status, and you will be able to book seats online easily.
  • Flight Board: a big displayed screen shows status of meeting rooms and desks, as well as the directions to meeting rooms.


“Moving Forward in this New Normal – Conducting Online Meetings Smoothly like Professionals with Interactive Display and Video Conferencing”

Say goodbye to a flickering screen, sound breaking up and fuzzy sound issues. For a smooth online meeting, high-quality tools are needed. Canon has provided a wide selection of high-quality tools which can deliver top notch audio and video qualities for your varying purposes.

  • Interactive Display: Various smart display models in various sizes from Maxhub can fit into varying sizes of meeting rooms, from 55 to 68 inches display, with 12-megapixel front camera and high-quality sound system, compatible with both Windows and Android operating systems. In addition, it can connect wirelessly with smartphone, tablet or laptop, up to 4 devices simultaneously, where control can be done simply from a mobile application. It also supports an installation of additional sound system from leading brands, such as Yamaha, Logitech and Jabra that guarantee cutting-edge audio and video quality throughout the meeting.


Canon has forged ahead with “Smart Workspace Solution” and realized that these three highlighted systems excels as intelligent solutions that meet the need of many organizations professionally and helps upgrade a normal office image to a Smart Office. In the very near future, Canon will aggressively penetrate to the market with its comprehensive service and solutions which precisely meet requirements. Please stay tuned for the new features from Canon that will surely brighten up the market.

Currently, Canon has provided the Smart Workspace Solution Services as a One-Stop Service that will assist the customers in planning equipment installation and customizing innovations for optimal use. Interested parties can inquire for more information via Email:  businesscanbesimple@cmt.canon.co.th