Socialgiver has just launched a campaign called “เที่ยวไทยช่วยไทย”

For the first time in 20 years, global extreme poverty has risen this year as the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic compounds the forces of conflict and climate change, which were already slowing poverty reduction progress. According to the World Bank, The COVID-19 pandemic is estimated to push as many as 150 million more people into extreme poverty by 2021.

As one of the world’s favorite travel destinations, Thailand’s travel sector has been the driving force of Thailand’s economic growth over the past half century. While many businesses have struggled to cope with the impact of this crisis, Socialgiver has formed a new coalition of businesses that are committed to building ‘a better normal’. More than 300 businesses have signed up.

Socialgiver has just launched a campaign called “เที่ยวไทยช่วยไทย” (which translates to Travel to Help Thailand) aims to help boost Thailand’s local tourism and local communities as well as to raise funds to support those who continue to be impacted by this ongoing crisis. Much more than travelling to help travel businesses, Socialgiver’s goal is to help businesses help society’s most vulnerable people and places. Socialgiver believes that society can only flourish out of a crisis when everyone is taken care of, especially those who have been left furthest behind.

The hotels that have joined Socialgiver have committed to donate the first night revenue from all GiveCards sold on to support the ‘Thailand Recovery Fund’. For example you can book Andara Resort for 2 nights for only 8,000 THB (Discounted from 37,660 THB) and an incredible 4,000 THB will be donated. The second night revenue of 4,000 THB is kept by the hotel.

For restaurants, customers can shop for GiveCards at special prices while 70% goes to support local projects that are making a lasting difference in thousands of lives across Thailand. For example, you could pay 200 THB and 140 THB would be donated to charity, and you’ll receive a 400 THB GiveCard to dine at Thai Niyom. These incredible bargains are aimed at building a movement of socially conscious consumers who Socialgiver and the businesses hope would support socially responsible businesses even more when they visit.

With over 300 of Thailand’s leading brands from across Thailand already signed up for this campaign, Socialgiver is aiming to raise funds to support a range of social and environmental projects that are working effectively on a range of important issues from supporting children living with disabilities to providing education opportunities for underprivileged children.

During the campaign period, Socialgiver has also organized ongoing promotional activities on their website (, mobile app, and facebook page such as zero baht deal promotions, giveaways, top spender prizes, and a stream of blogger collaborations to promote tourism across Thailand.

Today more than 40 influencers have signed up to volunteer to share their Socialgiver travel stories with their audience, which is an excellent way to encourage people to start traveling while giving back and supporting various social projects. Socialgiver’s goal is to help everyone make better lifestyle choices together – more frequently, more transparently- just by doing more of what you love.

Learn more about how Socialgiver is driving a new wave of sustainable travel at or get the Socialgiver mobile app.