The Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization),

CEA unveils “CREATIVE BUSINESS CONNEXT”- the new chapter of Thailand’s creative economy

 The Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization), or CEA, as the key government organization inaugurated to drive Thailand’s creative economy, unveils the new chapter for creative economy with a brand-new annual initiative “CREATIVE BUSINESS CONNEXT”. This inspiring event sets to unfold future visions, ignite your creative spark, and expand business opportunities through its 3 key programs to rise the new possibilities for creative businesses as follows

  1. Creativities Unfold: the highly-anticipated creative get-together, has returned to serve as a platform to showcase ideas and visions by contemporary thought leaders from Thailand and all over the world. This year, there are 5 Thai and International creative visionaries who will take the stage to share their new perspectives on creativity under the theme “VISIONAIRE: Reminisce-The Way Forward” including


Jaime Hayon : a Spanish designer who is regarded as one of the contemporary world’s creative visionaries

PP-Phat Pattharanuthaporn : A technologist, researcher and student at MIT Media Lab who is fascinated by the creative synergy of human power and AI

Kentaro Kimura : a Japanese creative visionary in the world’s leading advertising & media industry. An avid traveler who often brings back home new ideas to be transformed into sharp and phenomenal advertising strategies

Stephen Jenner : One of the world’s foremost mass communications expert and a revered advisor in the world film industry and a thought-leader in creative media and film industry

Lyndon Neri : an Asia’s architectural marvel who has graced the world with intriguing designs through fascinating architectural designs

Those interested in participating in the CREATIVITIES UNFOLD event can find out more on Facebook : Creativities Unfold. Tickets can be purchased from today – August 24, 2023 via    general ticket price 1,200 baht / TCDC member 900 baht.


  1. Creative Business Space: New business platform for creative studios and business services to network with more than 80 establishment business prospects under the Creative Gastronomy category. Guests will have the opportunity to meet and visit numerous creative studios and service business groups at their booths set up on Samyan Mitrtown Hall, Fl. 5, at Samyan Mitrtown, Bangkok, during 10.00 – 20.00 hrs.
  2. Creative Excellence Awards: The first-ever award ceremony to honor creative excellence by CEA. This award is in recognition of individuals, communities, business operators, offices, organizations, or institutions for their creativity, initiatives, or efforts to using creativity to bring about value creation, generating economic, social, and environmental impact, which in turn will ensure the country’s sustainable development in the future.


Mark your calendar on 24 August 2023 from 10.00-20.00 hrs. at Samyan Mitrtown Hall, Fl. 5, Samyan Mitrtown, Bangkok More details coming up at Facebook : CreativeEconomyAgency and