Phue Thai says bye to Move Forward Party.

The Phue Thai Party is saying bye to the Move Forward Party (MFP). The MFP came first place in the latest election and the Phue Thai Party came second. Following the events in the parliament, the Phue Thai Party is saying goodbye to the MFP and will continue to form the new government without the winning party. Their main reasoning for leaving the MFP party behind is because the winning party will not back down on its promise to amend Section 112 of the Criminal Code, the lese majeste law. 



Cholnan Srikaew the Phue Thai Party leader reported on the decision on 2 August 2023. Phue Thai Party and MFP were the main parties forming the new government. Following the election, these 2 parties bought optimistic hope to the Thai people as theory saw a brighter future that holds new energy, and hopes of leaving old powers and ways behind. The Phue Thai party has 141 seats in the house and MFP has 151, this comes to 321 from the total of 500 seats. Following the parliament meeting on July 13 when MFP failed to get the majority vote to elect Pita Limjaroenrat from the MFP as prime minister, the MFP gave Phue Thai Party the leading role in forming the new government. 



Most of the senators and some MPs from other parties oppose the change of Section 112, this is their main reason for voting no for Pita to become PM. The Phue Thai Party stated that because MFP failed to get the parliament’s support,  Pheu Thai has to gain more support from other members of the parliament. This has led to Pheu Thai withdrawing from the 8-party alliance. Phue Thai Party will nominate Srettha Thavisin to the parliament as their primary Prime Minister candidate. MFP will not be in the new government formed by Phue Thai Party. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Phue Thai Party will nominate Srettha Thavisin as their primary Prime Minister candidate


Source: Bangkok Post, Khaosod