The first membership delivery system on the retail business platform celebrates its 1st anniversary by showcasing its prime

Bangkok, May 2, 2023 – Tops, a food retail business under Central Retail, reveals its
1-year success in operating Tops Prime, Thailand’s first and the only monthly subscription membership payment on an online retail platform. Tops Primes offers the most comprehensive shopping services with various exclusive products and privileges. The number of monthly subscribers and the frequency of customer purchases and the amount of spending continues to grow, Tops Prime is now elevating the online retail market to another level whilst emphasizing its prime omnichannel leadership in the Thai food retail industry. Tops Primes offers special promotion in celebrating its first anniversary, those interested parties can apply for membership today for a special monthly fee of only 99 baht (from the normal price of 199 baht) and be eligible for discounts and privileges worth more than 2,500 baht per month.


Mr. Stephane Coum, Chief Executive Officer Food Group, Central Retail said that since the first quarter of 2022 when Tops Prime delivery service was started monthly along with many privileges to support the e-commerce market that is growing exponentially. It has become another excellent service that has been popular among Tops customers. Statistical data shows an average increase of 37% in the number of members applying for membership each month,
as well, the platform helps customers save an average of 3,660 baht per year in shipping costs.
It also stimulates a 36% increase in shopping frequency. Tops Prime resulted in an increase of more than 20% per customer for total sales of online and offline. With exceptional services that meet the behavior of digital shoppers looking for convenience. Timely delivery and cost savings with exclusive privileges for members also add to the one-of-a-kind shopping experience for our customers.


While the e-commerce market in Thailand continues to grow, the Southeast Asian Digital Economy Report (e-Conomy SEA Report 2022), shows that Thailand’s e-commerce usage rate is up to 94%, the second highest in Southeast Asia. Tops Prime Customer Behavior Insight, meanwhile, shows that the top five consumer products ordered through Tops Prime include beverages, cleaning equipment, fruits and vegetables, cooking ingredients, and household items. Some interesting statistics are as follows;

  • 79% of customers are from Bangkok and its environs, and another 21% are customers from upcountry. The top 5 provinces that use Tops Prime service the most are Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan, Chonburi, and Pathum Thani.
  • Most of Tops Prime’s customers are 76% female while 24% are male, with the age range of 35-44 years and accounting for 38% of all Tops Prime shoppers.
  • 77% of Tops Prime members are omnichannel customers who purchase both online and offline. Peak shopping hours are between 9 AM to 12
  • The total distance that Tops Prime drivers take to deliver products to customers each month is equivalent to the distance of the 4 rounds driving trips around the world.


Tops reinforces its leading position in the food retail business with the most comprehensive omnichannel services to strengthen its potential to actively respond to all needs of customers. Tops Prime offers privileges to celebrate the 1st anniversary, inclusively for Tops Prime’s members, including:

  • Apply for membership today, and get a discount on the service fee of only 99 baht per month (from the normal price of 199 baht).
  • Discounts worth more than 2,500 baht per month with special deals from more than 11 Tops stores.
  • Free delivery service with an unlimited number of times. Customers can choose between
    a normal delivery service or an express within 1-hour delivery when make a minimum purchase of 250 baht per order.
  • Tops Prime Time offers an exclusive monthly discount for members.
  • Earn double points for The1 card for every order.


“One of Tops’ core strategies, under the concept of Every Day DISCOVERY, is to connect and to make sure that our customer discovers fabulous experience by using technology and innovation to engage with consumer lifestyles. Tops, therefore, strives for the superior services in all essential aspects. The subscription-based services such as Tops Prime will elevate our services of Food Retail’s omnichannel to enlarge efficient respond to the needs of customers and cater a unique shopping experience. Through the O2O strategy, Tops will seamlessly connects the online and offline platforms to highlight the pioneer position of Tops as Thailand’s No.1 omnichannel food retailer,” said MR. Stephane.


Find out more about Tops Prime at, or follow and like at TopsThailand’s Facebook page or download the application @TopsThailand to enjoy a fabulous, convenient, and express shopping experience at a great price with Tops Prime.