69 Covid-19 cases found at food factory in Samut Sakhon Province.

A food factory in Samut Sakhon Province has tested 23,630 employees for Covid-19, results are out at 69 cases. The factory is located in the same province as the Mahachai Market, where the number of Covid-19 cases among foreign workers and local workers spiked the nation’s Covid-19 situation. The Thai Union Factory reported on the incident stating that 23,630 employees or more than 85% of the employees at the factory were given Covid-19 tests. There are a total of 27,552 employees working at the factory. The Covid-19 cases account for 0.29% or 69 employees confirmed positive by PCR testing. The factory expects that all employees will get tested within next week.


Credit: Thai Union


Employees that have been confirmed positive are now in quarantine and will receive whatever medical care necessary. Thiraphong Chansiri the CEO of Thai Union Group stated on their official website “Each and every one of our employees in Samut Sakhon will receive a COVID-19 test. This is to ensure the health and safety of our people, regardless of age, sex, and nationality, while ensuring the continuity of our operations”. The company confirms they will continue to follow guidelines and protocols established by the Health Ministry. They are monitoring the situation alongside authorities stating “We have comprehensive protocols in place in case of positive test results; these protocols include ensuring taking care of the affected employees while isolating them according to government guidelines, identifying and testing close contacts and deep cleaning of visited work areas”.



The company confirms that the operation will continue as normal, “It is very important to note that, due to the extremely small number of impacted employees, all Thai Union’s factories currently remain open and operational at capacity”. The company has increased health and safety measures, everyone passing through will have to go through a health screen. Although there is still production inside the factory, meetings are cut down with only essential meetings allowed. Thai Union produces seafood products that are exported to many countries around the world. Their annual sales exceed 4.1 billion USD with over 44,000 employees.


Credit: Thai Union

FB Caption: 69 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed out of 23,630 employees tested.


Source: Thai Union