Covid numbers rising in Thailand, cases tied to pubs.

Covid numbers are rising in Thailand with 985 new cases on 12 April 2021. Doctor Opat Karnkawinpong from the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) reported the latest Covid-19 situation in Thailand. There has been a total of 33,610 cases of Covid-19 in Thailand with 28,248 cases who have made a recovery. There are 5,265 still receiving medical care in hospitals. There are a total of 97 deaths from Covid-19 in the nation. In Chonburi alone there are 97 new Covid-19 cases, and almost half of the cases are tied to entertainment businesses.


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The Chonburi Covid-19 Center reported the current situation in the province. 1,360 persons have received the test on the same day now waiting for results. There are 16 new Covid-19 cases and a total of 125 cases when counting from the 6th of this month connected to the Flintstone Pub. Covid-19 cases have also been connected to these locations.

  1. 4 cases visited Class 99 Pub.
  2. 1 case visited Voice Bar.
  3. 1 case visited Symphony.
  4. 2 cases visited The Box 69.
  5. 4 cases visited Cetus Club Pattaya.
  6. 3 cases visited Friend Zone in Rayong Province.
  7. 3 cases visited Mix Pub in Rayong Province.
  8. 6 cases visited night clubs in Bangkok.
  9. 1 case is an employee at Top One Club in Bangkok.
  10. 2 cases relate to cases from Bangkok.
  11. 3 cases have someone in their family with Covid-19.
  12. 4 cases are Loa citizens who came into contact with confirmed cases.
  13. 1 case went to the motorshow.
  14. 46 cases are still in investigation to find out where they were infected.


Covid-19 cases are showing up in almost many provinces including Suphan Buri Province with 11 new cases. The Suphan Buri Covid-19 Center reported new Covid-19 cases in the new wave. A total of 109 cases have been found from a total of 15,558 persons tested for the virus. There has been a case from every district in the province. There are 5 cases found in the main city of Suphan Buri. Out of the 109 cases in the new wave 70 are still receiving medical care and 39 have made a full recovery.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: In Chonburi alone there are 97 new Covid-19 cases, and almost half of the cases are tied to entertainment businesses in the province.


Source: Sanook