Doctor urges public to avoid lip tattoo

A DOCTOR at Chulalongkorn Hospital warned the public against getting a lip tattoo done because there is a risk of getting a bacterial infection while it is done, taking care of the treated lips afterwards and developing an allergic reaction to the pigment used,  Thai News Agency reported today (Sept. 1,2018).

Dr Noppadol Nopkhun, a dermatologist at this hospital, said this procedure is being done to make lips look beautiful and full, but those opting for it have to understand that they might not get the color they want because this would depend on the color of their skin.

Treatment for those who develop a bacterial infection either from the tattooist or keep their lips clean afterwards is through medication.

However if they develop an allergy to the pigment used then it is very difficult to treat because the pigment has to be removed, and this takes a long time. Laser has to be used on some patients, and many times too.

Dr Noppadol does not recommend this procedure for the general public, pointing out that those who want pink or red lips should use lipstick instead.

He added that every year patients show up with this problem, but not very many.


Top: Infected lips after a tattoo. Photo: Thai News Agency