Magic healer broke patients leg from trying to heal muscle pain.

An extremely unfortunate lady went to a magic healer called the “angel massager” by villagers in the area with hopes to heal her muscle pain. She had to leave the healers place with a broken leg. Her husband ended up leaving her not long after as she wasn’t able to continue her usual work anymore and she had to sell her last valued possession which is her motorbike in hopes of survival.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The Sanook News team went to a rented room in Ban Bung district, Chonburi province on the 19th of this month to follow up on the story. Miss Pranom, the woman in the news is living in the room with her best friend Miss Kwan, who pays for the room. Miss Kwan reported that her friend went to the massager in hopes of healing her muscle pain as she heard that villagers call the man “angel massager”.


When the massager was “healing” her, he made a mistake and stepped with full force on her Femur, causing it to break. Luckily, there is a recording of when the healer stepped on her leg and broke it.


Pranom told the story with tears in her eyes that the incident took place on December 19th of last year. At first, she had a muscle sprain in her leg from accidentally stepping on a plastic box. Kwan her friend heard from someone that there was a famous angel healer who is a famous massager in Rayong province.




Kwan told her friend about the healer so Pranom decided to go check him out in Rayong. When she arrived, there was no massaging involved but rather just stepping on where the pain was located in her leg. Pranom couldn’t stand the pain and told the angel massager to stop but he continued on stepping on her until she realized that her leg had in fact been broken.


Pranom tried to call the healer many times but he never answered any of her calls. Her life turned backwards after the incident. She is not able to continue working her normal job which is cooking street food. Her husband has left her after she has no income.


Pranom had no more money left so she had to sell the last valuable item in her belonging; her personal motorbike. She also has a child who is studying in grade 5, in total she has accumulated over 40,000 THB in debt.




The doctor at Ban Bung Hospital has informed her that the surgery for her leg will require approximately 120,000 to 150,000 THB. Pranom has given up because she doesn’t see any income coming in. Pranom hopes that the magical healer will at least take some responsibility against what his actions have resulted in.


FB Caption: Her husband ended up leaving her after she lost a steady source of income and the angel healer has not taken any responsibility for his actions.


Source: Sanook