Man smears saliva all over BTS elevator

Security footage captured a man smearing saliva all over an elevator located in a BTS Station on 20 March 2020. He even reached into his pants before rubbing his hand all over the elevator buttons. This incident caused great fear to netizens online after realizing what some people might do, even in times of great fear amongst the Covid-19 situation in the world.


Credit: INN News


The video was posted on Facebook showing that the man entered the elevator at around 5.30 am. The Facebook user captioned the video “Ah someone just smeared their saliva all over the elevator. He even rubbed whatever was in his pants in there. This happened at a BTS station. Please be careful and check wherever you go”. The user didn’t state who the man is or where he was from.


BTS shortly addressed the incident later on the same day revealing that this was a passenger elevator at the National Stadium Station. The elevator allows passengers to conveniently move from the walkway to the ticket booth. An employee noticed that the man was acting suspiciously through the security footage. Then he saw what the man was doing inside the elevator and went to inspect the area right away.


Credit: INN News


When an officer at the station went to inspect the elevator, the man had run away heading to Rama 1 Road. The officer ordered the station employees to disinfect the elevator including areas nearby. BTS has reported the incident to the police who are now investigating to find out his real identity and where the man lives.


BTS confirms that they recognize the importance to help control the Covid-19 situation. Every station is deep cleaned and disinfected every hour, this includes the floor, the elevators, ticket machines, escalators, and all public areas in the station. The trains are also disinfected throughout the day and after BTS closes down for the day. Hand sanitizers are provided to passengers at the entrance and officials are always on the watch to maintain safety in all stations. Passengers that see suspicious behavior can notify an officer or an employee at the station at all times.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The man licks his finger before smearing the saliva all over the elevator, he then grabs his private parts and rubs on the elevator buttons.


Source: Sanook, INN News