Robot to dispense medicine at Siriraj Hospital

SIRIRAJ Hospital is taking a big step forward as it is going to introduce a robot to dispense medicine at the end of this year in the hopes of speeding up dispensing to just 15 minutes a patient, Thai News Agency said today (March 15).

However after the robot has filled the prescription the pharmacist will again check it and give the patient relevant instructions.

An agreement was signed by Dr Prasit Watanapa, assoc. dean of Siriraj’s Faculty of Medicine, Dr Cherdchai Nopmaneejumruslers, Siriraj’s deputy director, Dr Srisak Thepakam, deputy director of Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences, and Associate Professor Dr Siam Charoenseang, director of Institute of Field Robotics (FIBO).

The aim is to turn this hospital into Siriraj 4.0 by bringing in a robot to dispense medicine in the Outpatient Building at yearend. This is in keeping with the government’s Thailand 4.0 economic transformation goal.

In creating this robot FIBO got the details from Siriraj’s doctors who want to speed up dispensing medicine and ensure greater accuracy.

This robot will be giving out important and dangerous medicines but a pharmacist will check them again before giving them to the patient.


Top: Lots of robots in a box. Photo: Sascha Pohflepp (CC-BY-2.0)


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