Vietnamese posing as aesthetics doctor arrested.

A fake doctor has been arrested after opening an illegal clinic inside a condo room. The Vietnamese suspect will find customers through Facebook and perform surgeries inside the room. Police Major General Wittiya Sriprasertpap gave orders to related officials to inspect a condo in Bangkok following a search warrant issued by the Prakanong Court. Officials received complaints about a Facebook page advertising cosmetic surgery services. An investigation started showing the page claiming the doctor is a registered doctor in Vietnam and Thailand.



Popular services include nose jobs, eyelid surgery, botox, lip surgery, filler, and more. Officials inspected the condo and inside were many customers waiting for their turn with the fake doctor. Dang Thien 25 years old was preparing equipment to give filler to one customer when police presented themselves. Dang Thien would travel to Thailand once a month and meet with customers inside the condo. He has been doing this routinely for at least 1 year.



Dang Thien admits he does not have an operating license in Thailand, in fact, he doesn’t have any licenses at all. Officials arrested the suspect along with the evidence including 19 illegal medicines with no registration, 11 pieces of surgical equipment, and 20 pieces of medical equipment. Police warn people to research the doctor and clinic information before visiting. Cosmetic surgery and services must be regulated in all countries as it is very high risk requiring specific skills. Do not believe false claims and reviews but customers must consider whether the services are performed by a real doctor with a license in a legitimate clinic.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The fake doctor would perform surgeries inside a condo room.

Credit: Khaosod