Granny stuck in Canal for 2 hours.

A granny was stuck in a canal for 2 hours but because she continued to yell for help, a woman came to help her. After she was saved, the granny revealed that she was only moments away from losing all her energy and was about to let go. TikTok User named “Pattanapong2524” posted online a video of the granny after being saved. The granny accidentally fell into the water and couldn’t get out for over 2 hours. Pattanapong recorded videos of when he heard the granny and started searching for her in the canal.


Pattanapong stated “I was running along the canal located across from Supamit Hospital in Suphan Buri Province. The granny was in the water waving at me. I thought she was looking for fish in the canal and just waved at me to say hi so I waved back. It’s not unusual for people to come looking for fish in this canal. I often waved at them in the water so I didn’t think anything strange was happening. Then as I continued running I noticed bags of oranges and ice which was unusual. So I turned back and started looking for the granny.


I found her pulling on the grass that was lining the canal. She seemed exhausted and the granny said she had been yelling for help but no one could hear her. Her skin was cold and both her legs had muscle cramps”. The granny started crying when she saw that Pattapong had come looking for her. The granny’s wallet and phone were on the canal’s edge as she threw them out of the water. She was in the water from 6 pm to 8 pm. The granny stated she went to the hospital and tried washing her hands in the canal but fell into the water. Pattapong stated “When I close my eyes I still hear her crying. If I didn’t go for my usual run then I wouldn’t have been able to save her. The more I think about it, the more I cannot fall asleep. I do not know why I feel guilty. I hope you heal fast granny”.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Pattapong noticed bags on the ground and decided to go look for the granny.

Credit: Khaosod