Over 500,000 join Buriram United’s 2-day Songkran fun

BURIRAM United Football Club’s 2-day Songkran celebration (April 13-14) set a new record for Thailand with 530,000 revelers rotating in joining the festivities, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported today (April 15).

The Chang –Buriram Friends Songkran Party drew hundreds of thousands of people who joined the fun dancing and swaying to the music played on 5 dazzling stages.

On Friday April 13 a total of 220,000 revelers joined the concert, while yesterday April 14 approximately 310,000 flocked in after splashing and spraying water from 10 a.m. onward.

The highlight of the event was the Chang stage with the others, Coke, Yamaha, Sponsor electrolyte beverage and Sing and Sab, stages also turning this 2-day party into a memorable one.


Top and below: The hundreds of thousands of revelers having a whale of a time at the Buriram United’s 2-day Songkran celebration. Photos: Matichon

Songkran Buriram

Buriram 2

Buriram 5

Buriram 6