79.7% of Bangkokians unhappy with public buses.

Bangkok Poll from the Bangkok University Research Center has asked 1,299 Bangkokians on how they feel about the public buses in Bangkok. The poll is titled “What buses do Bangkokians like”. The poll has helped us see the overall picture of how happy people are using the public transportation system in Thailand, focusing on the service of public buses. The poll published on 4 July 2020 reveals that 46.7% are not satisfied with public buses at the moment. While 61.1% reveal that they have to wait a long time for their bus to arrive, there are not enough buses to fulfill the demand. 


61.6% wish that public buses would arrive on time, many have to plan their schedule very carefully to avoid being late for work or other plans. The same amount of people wish that the bus fares are fixed at 30THB per day, to help minimize the living costs. The bus fares in Thailand may seem cheap, but most people will have to take 2 or more connecting rides to arrive at their destination, meaning that they will have to take 4 buses or more per day. Comparing the total public transportation costs to the minimum wage in Bangkok does not make much sense. 


46.7% are not satisfied with the current situation on public buses in Bangkok, 33% are semi satisfied, and 20.3% are very satisfied. The total results come to 79.7% who are not totally satisfied with Bangkok public buses. 61.1 states that they have to wait a long time for their bus to arrive. 51.7% state that the buses are old and unsanitary. 41.2% state that many of the buses let out too much black smoke affecting the environment. 41.1% state that the drivers often don’t follow traffic rules. 26% state that the buses don’t park at the bus stop and let them off after already passing the stop. 16.9% state that bus routes often overlap causing traffic. And 13.5% state that the bus fares are too high for the cost of living.  

FB Caption: Popular opinions include old buses, fares too expensive, scary driving, and long waiting time.  


Source: INN News