It’s always snack o’clock in Phuket

WHAT comes to your mind when you think about snack? Usually its potato crisps, peanuts, chocolate bar or donut but not so in Phuket as this popular island has a much more local approach to snacks and these have been around for decades! Forget about the industrial chips and let me introduce you to these delicious homemade treats.


Bee Pang

This is a personal favorite. Bee Pang can be described as popped rice that comes in small sticky cubes with sweet and salty caramel topped with crispy shallots giving it a unique and flavorful taste. Simply delicious!

 A Pong,new

A Pong

A roll of thin dough made of rice flour, sugar, yolk and coconut milk offers a mildly sweet taste with a soft texture in the middle and a nice crust on the sides. This snack is popular around breakfast time and goes well with a cup of hot coffee or chocolate.

 Mua Lao

Mua Lao

Another easy-to-go snack on the list is Mua Lao, mainly made of white or black sesame. The crusty and sweet texture of sesame covers the puffy stuff inside made of sticky rice flour and taro providing with an interesting and delicious taste which goes so well with a tea break.

 Tao Soh

Tao Soh

This is probably the most popular Phuket snack that visitors look for and buy as a souvenir. The mouthful round dough, which is similar to a pie texture, comes in two flavors; a sugary mashed green beans version on one side and mashed green beans with salt, sugar, deep fried shallot and pepper on the other, giving a mild salty taste and a little touch of hot pepper. Some people also add salted egg yolks for more taste. This may sound quite different from snacks you are familiar with but give it a try, it may be your next favorite treat!


Bee Tai Bak

This cool refreshment looks similar to cendol but the noodle is thinner, longer and thicker and is mixed with clear syrup and ice instead of coconut milk giving it a lighter taste. This menu is quite difficult to find as there are only a handful of people who know the recipe.

 Bee Go Moi


Bee Go Moi

Rich in taste, Bee Go Moi is made of a thick and sweet black sticky rice puree that balanced the taste with the mild salty coconut milk and gives it a great aroma. This particular snack blends together perfectly and is perfect for a pampering afternoon break.

 Sai Gai,new,new

Sai Gai

Sai Gai are crispy curls that locals eat with a main course like congee or Kanomjeen, but it can be eaten as a snack with a nice cup of coffee, tea or soy milk. The golden crusty coil gives a wonderful salty taste and it is difficult to stop eating after the first bite.


Top: Opt for Bee Pang for a small, happy treat.

First inset: A Pong is a popular breakfast time nibble.

Second inset: Mua Lao is a perfect snack for tea break.

Third inset: Tao Soh is very popular with visitors.

Fourth inset: Spoil yourself with some Bee Go Moi.

Fifth inset: It’s difficult to stop eating Sai Gai once you start.

   By Nattha Thepbamrung



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