Businessman distributes 5 million baht to the poor

THERE is a festive mood in northeastern Udon Thani city today (Feb. 15) because a wealthy and successful businessman is again giving out cash in red envelopes to low income people to mark Chinese New Year as he does every year, Thai News Agency reported.

Mr Preecha Chairath, 68, and his wife Mrs Sanara Chairath, who own a sugar factory, a hotel and also operate a property business, arranged as much as 5 million baht to distribute to the less fortunate, with each envelope holding 200 baht.

Moreover an additional 300,000 baht had been arranged just in case it would be needed.

Police and soldiers were on hand to maintain orderliness outside the philanthropic couple’s house,  Baan Samlee-Ngern number 599, with the elderly, children and the disabled being in front to go in and get the free money.

Mr Preecha said as he sees it,  this year the economy in Udon Thani is not that good and this can be observed by people spending much less in the market and trade with neighboring countries also slowing down.

He added that he will continue to distribute money every Chinese New Year to encourage and help people, unless he himself gets into trouble.

He also mentioned that so far he has built 5 houses for free for the disabled.


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