Café in Wild beckons nature lovers

WE all would be happy to get a chance to sit and eat also sip a hot drink surrounded by a jungle with a stream rolling by right in front and just imagining this chill atmosphere is really pleasing.

To make this dream come true head to Chiang Mai and visit Café in Wild, which Sanook! Travel introduced today (Feb. 22, 2018).

It located in the midst of expansive greenery at Kaeng Kued in this northern province’s Mae Taeng district, and being surrounded by mountains, forests with a stream right in front it is very suitable for nature tourists.


This sort of atmosphere is difficult to find today, especially by both amateur and professional photographers who would really be thrilled with the great locations around the café, particularly the stream, and they could get a few good shots of the water too.

The café also offers visitors adventure activities such as rafting, zipling, elephant rides and driving around in an all-terrain vehicle.

This café can be considered another place tourists should not miss on their next trip to  Chiang Mai.


Top, in-text and below: Nature at its best around Cafe in Wild in Chiang Mai.  Photos and report by Peeranut P and published by




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