First in Thailand! GGWP Bangkok and Phenomena craft AI-generated advert entirely created at ‘Home’

GGWP Bangkok (GGWP BKK), the Thailand-based creative agency, is putting AI in the spotlight as the new standard influencing every industry. They’ve produced exceptional work by utilising AI technology to create Thailand’s inaugural AI-generated advertisement. This pioneering ad was brought to life without the need for cameras, actors, or filming. It brilliantly showcases the prowess of the premier home internet brand, AIS 3BB FIBRE3. Regardless of location across the country, it underscores the entrance into an era where accomplishing everything from home is paramount, championing the pivotal concept that ‘Potential Starts At Home,’ with ‘home internet’ forming the robust foundational cornerstone.


Mr. Rotrob Ramkomut, the Executive Creative Director and co-founder of GGWP Bangkok, highlighted that AI has increasingly influenced various industries over recent years, notably enhancing work capabilities, particularly in nurturing the country’s creative economy. Fostering a workforce to drive the economy forward is critical. However, in the present circumstances, there’s a challenge in an era where the population is dwindling compared to previous times, steering the country towards an ageing society and resulting in inadequate manpower entry into industries.

Mr. Rotrob further added that GGWP Bangkok, as a creative agency, anticipates AI becoming the ‘New Normal,’ accessible for learning and utility across organisational and individual levels. Recently, GGWP Bangkok collaborated with the Phenomena production house to create the latest advert film for the premier home internet brand AIS 3BB FIBRE3, solely harnessing AI technology, marking the first in Thailand. This underscores Thailand’s potential to step into an era where ‘having excellent home internet’ empowers everyone to accomplish everything from home, championing the crucial concept of ‘Potential Starts At Home,’ with ‘home internet’ as the outstanding foundational starting point.

The unique aspect of this advert lies in its independence from cameras, actors, or filming. Instead, it harnesses three key components — high-speed internet, human capability, and AI technology. It narrates the concept of ‘home’ across diverse settings, involving various people, cultures, and lifestyles, all interconnected by the presence of quality home internet that propels dreams farther than ever before. The meticulously precise input of prompts, detailing specifics from camera angles, lens types, facial expressions of each character, to desired AI moods and tones, results in a vivid portrayal of the narrative.

“The creation of this advert film serves as evidence that the creative industry isn’t replaced by AI technology but rather, we opt for AI as a tool to bolster our creative concepts. Therefore, the pivotal aspect remains human thinking. Nonetheless, AI empowers us to achieve greater creativity, thereby enhancing the value of our work and further elevating the economic worth of the country’s advertising industry. This advert aims to convey that today, everything can indeed be accomplished at home, and in the future, limitless possibilities await everyone within the home,’ mentioned Mr. Rotrob.

The advert film ‘AIS 3BB FIBRE3: A Future Beyond… For You’ is now available for online viewing starting today through AIS’s online media at For further details about GGWP Bangkok, visit