Get the Benefits of a Mobile PBX in Your Smartphone

Staring your own small business is always an uphill battle. There are always unexpected costs to bear along the way. And when your company starts to become successful, you need to have an easy and manageable PBX system where your customers can always reach a friendly, professional voice in your company.

DTAC offers a mobile PBX system that is both low-cost, easily managed on your own, and provides instant communications with your customers to ensure they always see your company as responsive to their needs. The system is called OneCall, and it’s making life much easier for small, medium and recently launched businesses to manage their communications.


No Equipment to Buy and Maintain

One of the best things about the OneCall mobile PBX system is that there is no complicated equipment to buy. You’ll be interacting with OneCall through an interface you’ll install on your smartphone. OneCall supports both iOS and Android platforms.

By having the mobility that OneCall delivers, you’ll be able to answer business calls to your central business line wherever you are and redirect phone calls from your phone to any department in your company quickly and easily. If all your employees are busy, there is an easy-to-use voice mail function, call forwarding and call queuing system, so your customers will feel that their needs are being handled.


OneCall Allows Your Business to Grow

Another great aspect of the OneCall system is it allows a startup business to increase the capabilities of their PBX system as their business grows and expands.

The basic package costs only THB 149 per month and allows for a single layer of services. The services include:

  • Autoresponder
  • Set the recipient group according to the conditions
  • Private voice mailbox
  • Automatic call forwarding
  • Manual call forwarding
  • Web management system
  • Queue system
  • Conferencing meetings internally and externally
  • Admin can check user status settings
  • Internal contact number
  • Specify caller ID name
  • Send and receive messages in specific groups


When your business begins to grow, you hire more employees, and you need a more robust system, DTAC offers a Multi-Layer Package call forwarding system for THB 1,999 per month.

The Multi-Layer Package includes all the features of the single-layer service, plus:


  • An unlimited number of autoresponder layers
  • Sets up business hours and supports up to 8 time periods
  • Help for those who have never called the Call Center system

The above prices don’t include the monthly business SIM package of THB 99.

  Streamline Your Communications

 With the Onecall system, you can quickly streamline your telecommunications services and allow them to grow along with your business, no matter where you or your employees are located.

Companies with limited personnel and funding love the OneCall system as it allows them to present a unified, professional and interconnected PBX communication method that is easy for employees, suppliers and customers to navigate.

If OneCall sounds like it would be the ideal solution to your telecommunication needs, contact DTAC to learn more about OneCall today.