Grilled crocodile meat a big hit

BEAMING with happiness is the former owner of a boutique who 2 weeks ago switched to selling grilled crocodile meat on a stick as well as other dishes made from this reptilian meat with her new business being really brisk, Thai News Agency reported today (Sept 19, 2018).

Miss Chayapha Meesomboon, the owner of the new restaurant in central Ratchaburi city, said her grilled croc meat on a stick are priced at 20 baht each, and as many as 200 are sold each day.

croc meat on a stick (1)

There is also a big menu of other croc meat dishes such as omelet with minced croc meat, hot and spicy croc meat soup, and this meat stir fried in various ways.

Her clients are from all age groups and they say croc meat tastes like chicken but is a little stickier and more delicious. Mostly people come round to her restaurant after 4 p.m. when schools and offices close, and often take some home for their families too. Some have even ordered large amounts to serve at parties.

Chayapha said she dropped her boutique business and took a chance on this crocodile meat franchise which has turned out to be a big success. A whole crocodile costs 2,000 baht and this is carved up and sold at just 20 baht a stick. Previously people paid thousands of baht for just one kilogram of croc meat.


Top: Grilled croc meat being sold at Ratchaburi city’s new restaurant. Photos: Thai News Agency

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