For a happy holiday head to Lipe island

FOR a lot of people a longed-for holiday takes place at an Andaman Sea island and among the most popular of these is Lipe which is 60 kilometers off the coast of southern Saturn province, reported this week.

This island attracts both Thai and foreign tourists who marvel at its ever so white sandy beaches and turquoise water so clear you can see small fish and corals at the seabed. It is not surprising that an isle of such beauty does not have high or low season, being equally busy all year round.

Of most importance to get to this magical island, which lies 2 kilometers south of Adang island, is a long-tail boat. This type of boat is also necessary to go island-hopping in this area or perhaps even fishing.

Among the most beautiful attractions to view here are the 7-color corals and the small fish swimming around them.


Aside from its ethereal natural beauty, Lipe island also has all the essentials to keep tourists happy, with the key one being its Walking Street where there is lots of food for sale and plenty of shops selling clothes and souvenirs.

While the island has 4 main beaches, Pattaya Sunrise, Sunset, and Karma, it is the first three that attract visitors.

Pattaya beach to the south of the island is the most popular being lively with a string of restaurants and performance at night.


Sunrise beach to the east is as the name implies the best place to view a memorable sunrise in a quiet and peaceful environment. It is a good place for couples and those who want to rest and relax to go to.

Sunset beach to the southwest of the island is also very quiet, it is great to walk on soft sandy beach with waves from the turquoise sea rolling in. The highlight is of course the sunset in a romantic atmosphere surrounded by pristine nature.

Getting there:

By air: Tourists could either fly to Hat Yai or Trang, but most prefer to land at Hat Yai. Available at the airport there is a van service all the way to Satun’s Pak Bara port.

Tour bus: Tourists should go the Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal at Boromratchonnani Road and choose to get off at Satun’s La Ngu district, from where there are buses going to Pak  Bara port.


Top, in-text and below: Lipe island in all its glory. Photos: