Street art at Songkhla’s colorful old town

TODAY Sanook! Travel is taking us to visit Singora, a place-name that will puzzle a lot of people but which in fact is the old name of southern Songkhla city.

It is not just Songkhla’s old name that we want our readers to get to know but also the magic of this classic old town which will enthrall visitors.

We are setting out on a tour of the Singora old town on a tram with this starting at the red mill.

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From here the tram takes us down Nakhon Nai road to view colorful Sino-Portuguese style of houses, and this really makes us feel as if we are in the midst of a candy town.

After Nakhon Nai road we roll into Nang Ngam road where there is street art on some old walls, with these being good for photography and are popular with tourists.

After passing through Nang Ngam road the tram  takes us through the old city wall to pass by the house of Gen Prem Tinsulanond, president of the Privy Council. He did actually live in this house.

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Upon completing the tour of the whole old Singora town, the tram drops us off at Nang  Ngam road to stroll around and enjoy the classic appeal of old buildings and the beautiful street art.

Amidst the many spots for photography are some old shops that are still running to this day, and among them are some cute coffee shops and lots of good drinks.

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Visitors would really chill out walking around taking photos and finding good things eat with this feeling as if we have gone back decades in time.

Overall the Singora old town is truly an unmissable landmark for those visiting Songkhla. Best time for a tour is in the evening when it is cooler to stroll around and enjoy the ambiance.


Top, in-text and below: The captivating Singora old town which will take visitors back to yesteryear. Photos:

Credit: This report was written by Sanook!Travel columnist Peeranut P.

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