105-year-old granny give blessings for Thai mother’s day.

A 105-year-old granny gives blessings for Thai mother’s day 2022. The granny lives in Sukhothai Province. Many people in Bangkok and the main cities in Thailand will travel back to their home provinces for mother’s day. It is a day to reunite and to get blessings from mothers for good luck and good fortune. It is also an action to show respect for the elders in our lives. The granny in this story has lived through 4 lands, which means she has witnessed 4 kings in power in Thailand. Her 71-year-old daughter is extremely grateful that she still sees her mother every day. 


Grandmother Sakga was born in 1917 and is now 105 years old. She lives with her daughter Sampao in Sukhothai. Sakga is strong with no serious health issues. She spends her days gardening and walking. Sampao revealed that Sakga has 10 children but many have already passed away. She is the youngest daughter and is the main caretaker for her mother. Sakga is a very bright positive woman who smiles a lot and is easy to take care of. The 105-year-old states her secret to a long life is her food. She eats rice, vegetables, spicy sauce, and grilled fish every day. She also drinks milk every day. 


Sakga lives a happy life by singing and dancing. She showed the INN News Team some of her favorite dances to do. Sampao has celebrated mothers day by bringing her mother some jasmine flowers. The family are not rich but they choose to be happy everyday by enjoying each others company. Sampao handed her mother the flowers before bowing down to her feet. This is a way to show respect to elders and monks in the Thai culture. The mother helped her daughter get up before hugging each other with love. Sampao is very grateful that her mother is still alive and living a healthy, happy life. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: Sakga lives a happy life by singing, dancing, gardening, and walking. 


Source: INN News