12-year-old runs through flames to save psychiatric patient.

A 12-year-old girl ran through a burning home to save a psychiatric patient that was stuck inside the room. The brave hero saved the patient minutes away from being burned alive. Police Colonel Monsak Kaewon from the Mae Sot Police Station in Tak Province received notification of a house fire. Police and 4 firetrucks went to the location right away. Officials arrived at the single story wood home that was burning violently. The homes in the area are located very close to each other. There was heavy wind and the fire was reaching the neighbor’s home. Villagers were carrying water buckets and dragging their water hoses but it was not working. 



Firetrucks arrived but the entrance road was too narrow and firefighters had to drag there hose into the area. Kamploy Kasipon 79 years old the owner of the burning home started crying under a tree until she fainted. She was yelling asking for help from villagers to go in and help her 54 year old son who is a psychiatric patient stuck inside the home. He is not able to take care of himself and therefor will not know how to escape. Villagers including a 12-year-old girl ran through the flames and successfully saved the son. Kamploy stated they have lived in the home for many years. When the fire started she was collecting tamarind to sell and heard an electric shock sound. Then smoke and fire started in the home. 



She felt like fainting but tried to stay awake and called for villagers to help. All she has left is her son and the clothes she was wearing as the fire took everything she has. Villagers in the area have asked related sectors to help build a bridge into the village. The nickname for the village is “the forgotten village” as there is no direct access. They had to build a wood bridge by themselves and it has been used for over 10 years. The bridge is fragile with many holes inside. When the fire took place firetrucks could not come inside as there was no proper bridge. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Everything burned down in the fire but villagers helped save her son. 


Source: Khaosod