15-year-old girl goes missing after talking to online friend for months.

A 15 year old girl has gone missing and she has been talking to an online friend for a few months. The two have been talking through Facebook and the mother is afraid she is now in danger. Saowanit Ananpaibun 40 years old showed Khaosod News the last chat messages before the girl went missing on 3 June 2022. The mother decided to share the chat in hopes that it will help find the man who is with her daughter now. The girl has gone missing since the 1st and Saowanit has not been able to contact her daughter. The student is currently studying in grade 9. On the date that she went missing the mother went to work and the grandmother left home to sell food. 



When the parents returned the girl was not home but her phone was left behind. The mother looked inside the phone and found messages online to a man named Dan. The two have been talking together for a few months and the chat box revealed they planned to meet each other outside. Saowanit has tried looking and contacting her daughter but she has not been seen since the first of this month. The mother is afraid Dan has taken her daughter or has harmed her. Because of this she decided to contact the media and filed a report with the Buriram City Police. She hopes to send a message to Dan asking to return her daughter as the family are very sad and worried. 



Saowanit even offered that if her daughter is sent home safely she will not try to find the man to press charges. Suwalee the grandmother stated while in tears that she was shocked after realizing her granddaughter is missing. She has not been able to sleep or eat as she is terrified Ploy the granddaughter is in danger. She is also afraid the man might have sold her as a human trafficking victim. Even more, she is afraid ploy may have been physically harmed. The family have high hopes that police can help track down Dan and bring Ploy home.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The girl agreed to meet a man she met online and has been talking to for the past few months, but her phone was left at home. 


Source: Khaosod