17-year-old female robs gold shop with knife.

17-year old-female student robs a gold shop with a knife alone in a mall. The girl is studying in M.6 at a famous school located in Don Mueang District, Bangkok. The student managed to get away with 43 chains of gold weighing over 30 baht from a gold shop in Rattanathibet, Nonthaburi Province. The Sanook News Team received information that the Rattanathibet Police received information of a gold robbery. The robbery took place inside a big mall in the main city of Rattanathibet. During the time Police Senior Sergeant Nattapon Muankasem, a police officer from the same station was checking the area including inside the mall. 



The officer managed to arrest the suspect right after the incident took place. She was at the mall entrance running away. The gold shop is located near the parking lot entrance behind the mall. The suspect is Nalinthip 17 year old from Roi Et Province. The girl is studying in M.6 equivalent to grade 12 at a famous school in Don Mueang, Bangkok. Police also found evidence of the gold she robbed from the shop including 43 gold chains and 2 gold rings worth together about 400,000 THB. At the time of the arrest, the girl had a 7 inch kitchen knife and a note written that was used to threaten the gold shop employees. 



Locals in the area recorded a video of when the girl was being arrested. The girl was wearing a yellow T-shirt, long navy pants, and a black hat. The girl was taken to the Rattanathibet Police Station and the parents have been notified. Police reported that the girl has admitted to the robbery. The girl stated she used 50,000 THB to invest in an online business but it didn’t work out. As a solution to the money lost and to find more money to invest she came up with a plan to rob a gold shop. The girl carried a kitchen knife and got on a public bus from her home to the mall. She then walked into the gold shop, grabbed the gold, ran out but was arrested at the door. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The girl stated she used 50,000 THB to invest in an online business but it didn’t work out.


Source: Sanook