3 young women get over 30 years for gruesome murder

THE two young suspects in the sensational and grisly murder of a karaoke bar girl in May last year were sentenced to 34 years and 6 months in jail this afternoon (May 10) while the third got 33 years and 9 months imprisonment, Thai News Agency and Sanook.com reported.

The suspects, Priyanuch Nonwangchai or Preaw, and Kawita Rachada or Earn, had their sentence reduced from life imprisonment to 34 years and 6 months in jail for giving useful information, while Apiwan Satayabundit or Jae, got 33 years and 9 months.

One of the two accomplices in the gruesome murder and mutilation of the body Warisara Klinjui or Em in northeastern Khon Kaen’s Mueang district in May last year, Wasin Namprom, was given 23 years, 4 months and 22 days in jail.

The second accomplice, Chadirat Promkhun, or Bens, was given 2 years in jail for receiving stolen goods but this was reduced to 1 year.

Khon Kaen court also ordered the suspects to pay a compensation of 1,070,000 baht at 7.5% interest rate to the victim’s family.

The 3 key suspects were charged with chopping up the body of Warisara at a toilet in a suburban resort after having enticed her to come into their rented Honda CRV and covering her head with a plastic bag and beating her to death.

The victim’s mutilated body was buried in a shallow grave in Khao Suan Kwang district.

The 3 key suspects had immediately escaped to Myanmar but later returned to Thailand.

Police said Preeyanuch has asked Warisara to join them in the car intending to teach her a lesson because the victim had informed police about her husband which led to him being arrested on a drug charge.


Top: The suspects at Khon Kaen court today. Photo: Sanook.com