3,800 Buses heading into Bangkok after New Year’s.

The Transport Co., Ltd. has arranged 3,800 buses heading into Bangkok following the 2024 New Year’s. In Thailand, many will head back to their home province for New Year’s. This is to celebrate the arrival of the new year with family and loved ones back home. Many rely on public transport for the long ride. The Transport Company has been the leader in long-route buses in Thailand for a long time. For this New Year’s the company will be handling over 3,800 bus rides and adding 12 new routes specially for the new year. There will be routes for every person heading back into Bangkok from all provinces in Thailand.



It is reported for New Year’s Eve on 31 December 2023 alone, 48,677 travelers were using the services of the Transport Company buses. This is a total of 3,506 buses heading into Bangkok in just one day. Security is also enhanced at all bus stations and terminals. Security officers and police are present at the terminals. All buses are inspected before leaving the terminal. Drivers are trained to provide professional service and drive safely. The goal is to deliver people back to Bangkok efficiently and on time.



People will continue traveling back to Bangkok usually until the 3rd of January. On average 60,000 passengers will be using long route bus services per day during the first 3 days of the year. This requires 3,800 bus rides to make sure no one is left behind. There have been 12 new temporarily routes for these 3 days to help provide more direct and fast services. There will also be more taxi services available at the bus terminals during these 3 days.


Credit: Khaosod



FB Caption: For the first 3 days of 2024, on average 60,000 people will be traveling into Bangkok per day.

Credit: Khaosod