45 python snake eggs found under home.

45 python snake eggs have been found underneath a home; the owners believe it is a sign of good luck. The python was not found but there was a lot of snakeskins around the location. The Phitsanulok emergency rescue team received notification on 15 June 2021 of villagers finding large amounts of snakeskins behind their home. The residents were afraid of danger from the snakes in the area. The team arrived at home no. 111/20 in the main city of Phitsanulok Province. A team of trained snake catchers went to the home. The team found large snakeskins in 3 different spots. The team believes there are at least 1 python in the area. When placed together the snakeskins measure 8-9 meters in total.



The amount of snakeskin was unbelievable. Because of this, the team started searching for snakes near and around the home for the safety of villagers and pets in the village. While searching an area behind the home, officials noticed the floor was made of gypsum and there was space underneath. Underneath would be dark and quiet, a perfect location for snakes and other creatures to hide from humans for such a long time. The rescue team decided to knock off a part of the flooring and what they found was shocking.  Inside was 45 snake eggs with no snakes inside, meaning all have hatched into the world.



With this discovery, the team put even more effort into searching the area for small and large snakes, but none were found. The team believe all snakes went into hiding in the forest located behind the home. The snake eggs have now been safely disposed of. The homeowner and neighbors reveal to Sanook News Team that they believe these snakes are a sign of luck. Locals believe it is not an accident that snakeskins and snake eggs turn up right before the Government lottery draw. From the length and snakeskin, the number of eggs, and the house number, the lucky numbers include 111, 20, 45, and 89.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The homeowner and villagers have new lucky numbers for the lottery draw.


Source: Sanook