48 macaque monkeys saved before shipped out of Thailand.

2 suspects have been arrested and 48 macaque monkeys were saved before they were shipped out of the country. Macaque monkeys can be found in Thailand and are a protected animal. The suspects reveal they have previously successfully done this 2 times before. The suspects receive pay of 20,000 THB for the illegal shipment of protected monkeys. Pol. Lt.Col. Kamnuan Jananan along with related offcials arrested Nattapon Potong 37 years old and Chanwat Tadan 39 years old, both are from Sa Kaeo Province on 19 June 2023. 



Police also found evidence which is 48 macaque monkeys before they were shipped abroad. Each monkey was inside a tight blue mesh bag. The monkeys were placed crowded together on the seat and floor of a grey car with a Bangkok license plate. The evidence has been delivered to the Chumphon City Police Station to be used as evidence in the prosecution against the suspects. The 2 men are facing charges relating to ownership of illegal or protected animals without permission. 



Nattapon admitted that he received the monkeys in Satun Province. His job was to take the monkeys to Chachoengsao Province. The boss’s name is Biew and he received 20,000 THB as payment per delivery. He has done this twice before and every time Chanwat will join him on the trip and help along with a payment of 5,000 THB. Biew gives orders through the phone and it is an organized shipment. There is always a car driving ahead of them to check for police stops or any officers on the road. If they spot officials, they will stop and wait or change to an alternative route. Police believe the monkeys are moved from Chachoengsao to a different location awaiting shipment out of Thailand. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Each monkey was inside a tight blue mesh bag. 

Source: Khaosod