Poles on sidewalk stop disabled persons to pass through.

A mysterious sign was placed on sidewalk poles stating “From the municipal officials, wheelchairs and disabled person bicycles must go on the main road or fly over” on 12 June 2023. A rope was also placed across connecting the poles stopping any wheelchairs to pass through. Pon, a security guard who works at a bank near the poles stated to Khaosod News that he went home on the 11th at 19.00 and the sign was not there. He thought the sign would be removed after pictures were shared with the media. He believed the sign was to stop motorbikes from parking on the sidewalk. 



Pon stated the area is very busy with condos, markets, and shops. Normal pedestrians and disabled persons have a hard time using the sidewalk. Oftentimes there is no place to walk, as the sidewalk is filled with motorbikes. Municipal officials have come to the area many times and fined those who park or drive on the sidewalk but the motorbikes still return every day. The security guard believed municipal officials wouldnt write signs like this. This is more likely the work of someone who cannot bring their motorbike onto the sidewalk anymore. 



Municipal officials came to the area on the morning of the 12th to make sure that wheelchairs can still pass through. A netizen shared pictures of the sign online and asked for justice for disabled persons. The sidewalk is meant to be a space where pedestrians can pass safely without getting too close to moving vehicles. But this is not the case in Thailand as many sidewalks are taken over by motorbikes. Often, motorbikes will honk at you to move away on the sidewalk rather than going on the road as they should. The poles in this story are located in Thung Khru District, Bangkok.  What is your opinion on the sidewalk poles, should they remain to stop motorbikes from using the sidewalks or should they be removed to allow disabled persons to pass through safely? 


Credit: Khaosod



FB Caption: The problem is from motorbikes driving and parking on sidewalks in Bangkok. 


Source: Khaosod