500+ Burmese fall victim to false visa extention deal.

More than 500 Burmese workers in Thailand have fallen victim to the wife of a policeman. The wife promised foreign workers she could extend their visa. Victims believed her as she was married to a police officer. The husband claims he has nothing to do with the crimes. Immigration officials arrested the suspect on 9 October 2020. Police with a search warrant went to search a home in Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province. Over 500 Burmese have filed a report with the police after a police man’s wife advertised she could extend all of their visas for a longer stay in Thailand. The Burmese workers trusted her but it was all a lie as none had their visa successfully extended. 


Credit: INN News


Officials arrived at the home and knocked on the door. They waited for at least 20 minutes but the suspect remained locked inside. Achariya Ruengratpong from the Help Crime Victim Club who went to witness the arrest called the husband who is a police officer. The husband claimed he had nothing to do with the case and promised to call his wife to open the door. Not long after the wife finally came downstairs and opened the door.  Officials collected evidence including documents in the home. There was also a monk sleeping inside the home, it was the police officer’s son. 


Achariya revealed the wife advertised to Burmese living in Thailand that she could get them all new passports with an MOU visa extension. She could complete all processes from start to finish and all they needed to do was pay her 19,600 THB. The suspect received over 6 Million THB from the victims. When the time came, nothing was done and none received their promised passports or visa extension. Victims called the company who claimed the Covid-19 situation made it impossible to extend their visas. The suspect has been arrested and delivered to the Sumut Prakan City Police Station where victims were waiting for her to arrive. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: The police officer’s wife advertised to over 500 Burmese that she could extend their visas in exchange for 19,600 THB each.


Source: INN News