6,300 tons increase in plastic waste due to Covid-19

The Covid-19 situation in Thailand has resulted in an increase of 6.3 tons of plastic waste per day. Doctor Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai from the Department of Health revealed 4 December of every year is Thailand’s Environmental Day. This year the department has a campaign for the date “New normal with care to the environment”. Covid-19 has resulted in a change of daily lifestyle both in terms of food and hygiene shaping our New Normal. The environment has been heavily affected. Thailand Environmental Institute reported the pandemic has resulted in an increase in all types of waste. This is especially for waste from food delivery services. Consumers want more comfort and as a safety measure they are avoiding dining outside. There is a high plastic waste increase in every city including Bangkok.


Credit: INN News


In Bangkok plastic waste from food delivery services has increased by 60% since the pandemic started. This is all single-use including plastic bags, plastic boxes, plastic spoons and forks, plastic sticks, and more. There is an average increase of 6,300 tons of plastic waste per day. Previous to Covid-19 there were about 1,500 tons of plastic waste per day. This is an abnormal amount of plastic waste with very little ending up being recycled. The Department asks the people and those who work in the food industry to reduce the use of single-use plastic. All the waste will result in environmental damages and directly affects our health in the future.


Credit: INN News


Trash that remains in villages will become the main breeding grounds for insects that are disease carriers. There are many health risks for those who come into contact with these insects including food poisoning, zika virus, and more. Burning the waste is not a good option as it creates pollution affecting the respiratory system. The department asks for participation from local governments to beware of environmental and health effects from daily waste especially plastic waste that are a direct result of food delivery. The local officials are advised to campaign the 3Rs principle which are R.Reduce, R.Reuse, and R.Recycle.


FB Caption: The pandemic has resulted in an extreme increase in plastic waste especially waste from food delivery services.


Source: INN News