880 held for illegal entry in Phuket crackdown

A JOINT police and military 2-week sweep across Phuket netted 880 foreigners for illegal entry and 583 for overstaying in the country, INN News reported this morning (Oct 16, 2018).

Of those charged with overstaying 68 were arrested while 515 surrendered. Moreover 41 other foreigners were arrested for either breaking the law on foreigners working in this country or other laws.

Pol Maj Gen Jedsada  Yaisun, head of Police Immigration Division Region 6, had arranged a ceremony to send out troops from the 4th Army Region, marines from Navy Region 3 and Phuket Police plus officers from Highway, Tourist and Marine divisions on the latest Operation X-ray Outlaw Foreigner.

This operation across Phuket will continue till the end of the month with more sweeps being mounted on public holidays.

The  police and military team had searched 397 hotels and residences and also publicized that the operator and the head of household have to inform the Immigration Office within 24 hours of a foreigner coming to reside with them.


Top: The police and military team getting ready to go on the latest Operation X-ray Outlaw Foreigner. Photo: INN News