Alleged Commerce Ministry official held for theft in Japan

(Matichon online) – Japanese police in Kyoto are holding a Thai man who says he is a deputy director at the Thai Commerce Ministry on charges of stealing drawings from a hotel.

According to Japanese media reports yesterday (Jan. 24),  Kyoto police yesterday detained the Thai man suspected to have stolen three drawing worth 15,000 yen (around 4,659 baht) from a hotel after hotel staff noticed that the drawings placed on the ninth and tenth floors were missing and contacted the police

Commerce Permanent Secretary Wiboonlasana RuamraksaA CCTV clip revealed that the Thai man was in the hotel and police asked to check his bags when he was checking out and found the drawing there, the Japanese media reports added.

The Thai man told the Japanese police that he worked for the Commerce Ministry and it was later discovered that he held the position of deputy director.

At 9.30 a.m. today Commerce Permanent Secretary Wiboonlasana Ruamraksa said that she has asked the Commerce attaché in Japan to follow up on this case and find out the truth.

What action is to be taken depends on the truth and the explanation given by the deputy director but right now he cannot be reached, she added.

“This deputy director traveled to attend a meeting there and right now the commerce office in Osaka is liaising. The case is following the Japanese legal procedure but the truth will only come out when he returns to Thailand,” she added


Top: People strolling and sitting on the bank of Kamo river in Kyoto. Photo: Pedro Szekely (CC-BY-SA-2.0)

Inset: Commerce Permanent Secretary Wiboonlasana talking to the Press today. Photo: Matichon online


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