Amazing Surat Thani welcomes tourism.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand in Surat Thani Province welcomes the tourist season with an activity called “Amazing Surat Thani”. Nantawan Siripokpan from the local tourism authority stated that officials realize the importance of the beautiful nature in the Khao Sok National Park. The park is well known as a natural tourist destination with the biggest rainforest in Southern Thailand. Nature lovers should not miss the national park as there is much to do and much to see. The recommended sighting is the Khlong Sok River which passes through the park.



This river brings life and unique trees can often be found along the water stream. The river is perfect for tubing and water activities as it is not deep. Tubing is not dangerous but adventurous. A good family activity that is safe yet exciting. There is also wildlife that can be found along the stream. Tubing on the Khlong Sok River will take you through impressive greenery and is a scenic route. Tourists will love this activity to explore the national park. The park is fit for those who love nature, rain, and adventure.



The authority is also inviting visitors to also take a break at nearby tourist attractions in the province. This includes interesting locations such as The Ban Nam Rad Watershed Forest, the suspension bridge and the heart shaped mountain in Ban Tha Kun District, and the Dharma Park Khao Na Nai Luang. Invitations have been shared officially through the authority’s social media channels. Any recommendations to tourist destinations made by the Tourism Authority of Thailand is guaranteed to be safe destinations that are kept up to standard. Your time spent to visit these attractions will be worthwhile and at a good value.


Credit: Khaosod



FB Caption: The Tourism Authority of Thailand is inviting tourists to popular destinations in Surat Thani Province.


Credit: Khaosod