Doctor removes over 60 items from man’s stomach.

A man has been suffering with stomachaches for over 2 years. He finally decided to see a doctor who discovered he had a lot of foreign items inside his stomach. The items are common items you would find inside a home, not a human body. Kuldeep Singh is the patient in this story who finally decided to get medical help after stomach problems and a high fever. The hospital team decided the man should get an x-ray which showed the root cause of Singh’s pain. Singh is a strange eater, meaning she has the desire to consume strange things that are not food.



The doctor confirmed Singh has Pica, which is a mental health condition with symptoms including eating items that are not considered food. Usually, pica is more common among pregnant women, children, and persons diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. Singh’s relatives had no idea the patient had been suffering from pica for a long time. The problem with pica is that the human body cannot digest items that are not food. Especially in these modern times when most items are made from plastic, metals, and other materials. Oftentimes, these items are also manufactured in factories with strong chemicals not designed to be consumed.



Singh had over 60 foreign items in his body and several items were sharp. He had severe wounds caused by these items. The patient had to undergo a surgery right away. While the surgery itself was a success and the items are now removed. The surgery was a long 3 hours as there were many items inside. Singh is still in critical condition and is on a ventilator at the Moga Medicity Hospital, India.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Singh has a serious case of pica.

Credit: New York Post, Jam Press, Khaosod News