Angry taxi driver knocks out foreign tourist

A FOREIGN tourist of unknown nationality was found lying in the middle of a Pattaya road at 11 pm last night after being punched in the face by a taxi driver, Thai News Agency said today (August 11).

This resort city’s police went to the scene of the fracas and found out that the injured foreign man, approximately 40 years old, was lying in the middle of the the road in front of White Road Hotel and a Good Samaritan carried him to the footpath while rescuers gave him first aid and took him to a nearby hospital.

Upon being questioned Anand Boonthang, 46, the taxi driver involved in the brawl, told police that he had been driving his cab down this road with a passenger within when suddenly the foreign man walked up and banged on his vehicle and stood in front blocking the way.

Anand said he parked his vehicle and came out but the foreign man grabbed him by the collar so he retaliated by punching him in the face.

Police said to be fair to both sides they have to wait for the foreigner to recover and then question him and also question eyewitnesses and go through this area’s CCTV footages.


Top: Taxi driver Anand showing how he was grabbed by the collar. Photo: Thai News  Agency


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