Anyone for a ‘miracle ice-cream’?

THE public health office in the northern Thai province of Chiang Mai has filed charges against a local resident who claims to have created an ice-cream that cures all ills, the Thai-language daily Thai Rath reported today (Jan. 5, 2018).

The suspect, identified by police as Mr Tanatouch Torboonsittikorn, posted on his Facebook page that the “wonder ice-cream” can cure all illnesses by trapping magnetic field energy that can “replace dead cells in a human body.”

Chiang Mai Health Office health expert Naruemol Kanteekoon said Tanatouch faces a maximum fine of 30,000 baht for violating the Food and Drug Law.


Top:  The miracle ice-cream which Tanatouch claims can cure all illnesses. Photo: Thai Rath

By Songpol Kaopatumtip