Big drug lot worth over 10M seized in Rayong Province.

Police discovered a big drug lot worth about 10 Million THB in Rayong Province. Officials arrested a big drug agent in the province with evidence in the case including Yaba pills, crystal meth, ketamine, ecstasy, and heroin. Rayong Police arrested Surat 30 year old along with the drugs. This included 215,600 Yaba pills, 2.8 kilograms of crystal meth, 3 kilograms of ketamine, 1,100 ecstasy pills, and 160 grams of heroin. The big drug lot is estimated to be worth about 10 Million THB. Officials also seized vehicles involved in the drug shipment including a white car, a black and white truck, a navy motorbike with no license plate, and a KTM motorbike with no license plate. 


Credit: Sanook


As a part of the case police also seized valuables belonging to the suspect including 27,000 THB in cash, a gold necklace weighing 76.6 grams, a gold bracelet weighing 45.7 grams, a gold ring weighing 15.2 grams, a diamond necklace, an iPhone 12 Pro Max, a gold iPhone with no sim card, and an ATM card. In Thailand the most commonly found illegal drug is Yaba pills. The price of drugs depend on where they are being sold and how easy it is to find in the nation during the time. As drugs become more available the price usually drops. Yaba is the most popular because often times it is the cheapest among all drugs available on the market. 


Credit: Sanook


Investigation police discovered that Surat is an agent for a big drug gang in Rayong Province. They kept a close watch on the man and his daily activities. Added to collected evidence police inspected Surat’s home in Pluak Dang District and found the drugs. The suspect admits that he purchases the drugs from a seller. He then brings the drugs to Rayong province before distributing them across the province and also to nearby provinces. Surat is now at the Rayong Police Station waiting for prosecution. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Surat is a big drug agent in Rayong Province. Yaba pills, crystal meth, ketamine, ecstasy, and heroin were found in his home. 


Source: Sanook