5 Best Advice on How to Make a Perfect Writer Career after Graduation

You might have mixed dreams about what you want to become after graduation but if you feel convinced you want to become a writer, it’s time you started to get ready. There are a lot of myths that inexperienced writers receive from people who are not even aspiring writers. Most instill fear that you can only do writing as a side job.

Others say writing is the most boring work and still, others say it is for the most experienced. All these myths are not true because you can start a writing career after college and earn a handsome income. If you want to succeed as a writer, follow these five expert pieces of advice.


Start working on your writing skills today

Like a tender plant that grows daily until it becomes a huge and beautiful plant, your writing skills take time to grow but how fast they grow all depends on the actions you take daily to improve them. Do not wait until you graduate to start working on your writing skills but start right now.

Anytime you get a writing assignment in college, do it as though you were writing for a client to earn money. Do not let a day pass before you write something, even if it’s just a few words but let it make sense to you as you read or to someone else who might read it.

Top writer for hire for your assignments

A strong career starts with a strong educational background and you should put more effort into your study to make your education successful. You must define your career while in college and learn to get help from others and offer help to others. A student who wants to do well in college creates a habit of getting help from an experienced writer and they find pro essay writer at Edubirdie for all their academic work. The student will not only perform well in college but also in their career.

Develop your unique writing style

The writing field is wide and there are all kinds of writers that have taken writing as their career. There are book writers, bloggers, journalists, article writers, product reviewers, story writers, etc.

Begin to come to the reality and realize that you cannot be everywhere but you need to settle in a specific field. Your field is what will define your writing style and your audience will associate you with your style. If you choose to report, learn the style of reporting.


The writing field is not always easy

Even after developing your writing style and spending a lot of time enhancing your skills, the writing field is not always a direct guarantee. You may take longer to start earning than you had expected and you might feel discouraged.

At other times, you will write great content but it will get rejected and again, you will feel like giving up. There are moments when your content will favor you and you will get thousands of likes, positive comments, and more orders. These are experiences that you will expect in your writing career but they should not make you give up.

You will make it more easily if you work for others

It is okay for you to desire to start your writing website, create social media accounts, advertise, and do everything else that a marketer can do, hoping to start making money instantly. This strategy might work for some people but for most writers, it doesn’t work.

Do not procrastinate to start your website and do all these things, but have in mind that you can make it to the top much easier if you commit your time to work for other writers and help them grow.

You will never be called a writer unless you start writing

Many writers sit back with great visions of becoming a writer but never take any actions. You will never earn your writer’s title unless you start working towards it. Begin to write some content and share it on your website and social media.

Do not wait to get business outright but begin to send cold pitches and brand yourself online. Look for websites and blogs to do guest posts, join writing communities, and follow other established writers.


Before you become an established writer, you must start from somewhere and piece together your building blocks until you build your writing career. Begin by constant practice and accept offers that come your way. You may do better if you start to write for other people. Build your blog and share relevant content there and in all your socials media accounts.

Author’s Bio:

Michael Turner is a trainer in the field of writing and editing and works for a highly reputed online education company. He trains school and college students and has helped numerous college students achieve great success with the help of high-class academic writing. His free time is for biking, yoga and watercolor painting.