British man arrested hiding in Thailand related to drug charges.

The immigration Bureau reported many arrests including a man who flew in using a new passport in hopes that his name would not show up on the blacklist, a Taiwanese man who is hiding on a Bitcoin case with over 200 Million THB in damages, and 109 workers illegally entering the country. The first case is the arrest of a British man who was wanted in England in relation to a drug case. The man was hiding inside a luxury villa located in Phuket Province. The National Crime Agency contacted the Thai Police. Information was the suspect had used someone’s else identity to make a passport. He then traveled out of the country and the latest news is he was hiding at a villa in Thailand. Police tracked him down and the man is now waiting for prosecution. 



The next case is a Taiwanese man named Jang. He has overstayed his visa and is also under an arrest warrant issued by Taiwan officials for fraud. The man was arrested at a home located in Bangkok. The immigration police received information about a man who matched the description of the suspect living in the home. The man is connected to a Bitcoin fraud case with damages of about 234 Million THB. He is now waiting for prosecution. The next case is the discovery of 109 illegal workers in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. In this case, evidence that was seized included 13 vehicles and 28 phones. 



The police stated on June 1st they found the body of Muddol Bilson 40 years old who was an employee at a construction company. His body was found near a golf course in Songkhla Province. The area is well known to be a hiding place for illegal workers who are planning to cross into Malaysia. Officials started to investigate looking for the person who killed Muddol. They found information that led them to find 109 workers illegally crossing into Thailand. The suspects used the natural passage to enter Thailand. They each paid 50,000-60,000 THB each to an agent. After about 3 weeks the same group started smuggling persons again and they further arrested 19 more. A last case is an Indian man named Mohan 58 years old. He changed his name and birthdate. He then went to make a new passport to travel into Thailand in hopes that the Thai officials would not recognize his name on the blacklist. Mohan stated he missed his wife so much and took the risk. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The man changed his name and traveled to Thailand with a new passport because he missed his wife very much. 


Source: Khaosod