Buriram reels as floods gush in

FLOODING in northeastern Buriram province is still a meter high today (July 30) with around 300 households affected and a school shut till August 2 but officials are hopeful that the situation will return to normal in a couple of days time, INN News said

Nimitz Patmacharoen, chief of Phutthaisong district, said floodwater from Khon Kaen and Maha Sarakham provinces swamped the whole district especially the municipality area with this reaching a meter high at some points.

Farmland further out are also flooded but right now officials are inspecting these areas and adding up the damage.

Mr Nimitz also said that officials are rushing to work out ways to drain out the floodwater quickly and think it will take one to two days to get back to normal.

According to a Sanook.com report late yesterday some houses in this Buriram district are inundated with a meter high floodwater and are uninhabitable right now with the families moving to live with relatives, friends or temples.

Particularly moving is the loss suffered by Phongsak, 44 and Thanida, 38, a couple whose profession is making shoes for wholesale delivery because the torrential floodwater almost caused their house to collapse and they were unable to move their belongings, especially their professional equipment, which floated away with the current.

Total damage, if value of the almost knocked down house is added, is not less than 3 million baht.

Mrs Thanida said the water flowed into the housing estate very quickly and increased steadily and initially they tried to move their belongings to a higher area but strong flow caused the house to almost collapse and most of their belongings floated away with the water.


Top: Mrs Thanida (inset) and her heavily damaged house. Photo: Sanook.com


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