Bus driver drunk yelling at passengers now fired.

A drunk bus driver went viral online after shouting at passengers and closing the bus door on them. The bus driver was driving dangerously and would tell passengers to file a complaint when they asked him to slow down. He has been fired after admitting that he was drunk in the video. The video was first shared online in TikTok showing a bus driver driving dangerously. The vehicle was swaying and driving over sidewalks. He closed the door on a passenger and when asked why the driver stated “What problem do you have, just go make a complaint”. The passenger could not handle it and decided to leave the bus before they reached the planned bus stop. 



Khaosod News Team traveled to Pathumthani Province on 25 January 2023. The team talked to Fern 24 years old the passenger who recorded the video. Fern stated the incident took place on the 23rd at 20.00. Many passengers were waiting for a public bus and waited over 40 minutes. While they were getting inside the driver drove the vehicle which resulted in passengers running out of the bus’s way. The bus was full and they all noticed the driver was acting strange. He didn’t close the bus door and was driving either too slow or too fast. She was falling asleep when there was a loud sound, another passenger stated he ran into a motorbike. 



She walked to the front and asked what was wrong. The driver yelled back at her telling her to go make a complaint. Fern decided to leave before the bus reached the bus stop. The passenger went to complain at the bus transit center the next day and showed the video. Then as night time came she received news the driver had been fired. He admitted the strange actions were because he was drunk. The news team went to the transit center and other employees revealed the driver packed his items and left the next day. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The bus driver was driving dangerously and closed the door on passengers. 


Source: Khaosod