Chocolates are the perfect birthday gift

Say it with Chocolates: The Perfect Birthday Gift

Chocolates make the perfect gift for birthdays because most people tend to have a positive reaction when they receive chocolates. These simple but delicious treats are easily available, have great general appeal, and even possess some health benefits when consumed in moderation.


A Wide Variety of Chocolates to Choose from

When it comes to chocolates, there’s a huge variety of flavours available. There’s bound to be one that will delight the birthday boy or girl.

Here are some of the types you can choose from:

Chocolate liquor – A base for most chocolates, chocolate liquor, are for those who prefer unsweetened chocolates. It is made up of 100% cocoa and will provide the maximum health benefits from consuming chocolates. It’s available as bar and despite its name, it doesn’t actually contain any alcohol at all.

Raw chocolate – Similar to the above, raw chocolate is made from pure unroasted cacao beans. The taste of raw chocolate isn’t for everyone though, as it tends to be on the bitter side as no sugar is added. It’s pure 100%  cocoa and comes with all the health benefits associated with eating chocolate. It’s also usually made with the best quality cacao beans known as the criollo arriba cacao bean.

White chocolate – The white colour is derived from its main ingredient, which is coca butter, milk, vanilla, and sugar. The ingredients used also gives the chocolate its distinctive sweet aroma and taste. In the mouth, the white chocolate gives a rich and creamy texture due to its cocoa butter and condensed milk. Oddly enough, despite its name, white chocolate doesn’t actually contain any cocoa at all.

Milk chocolate – A classic chocolate, milk chocolate is the most famous type of chocolate that is consumed by most. It comes with a light creamy texture with a strong milk flavour. It usually contains between 10 – 40% pure cocoa with at least 12% of milk, with the rest made up of sugar and emulsifiers. Due to its high sugar content, milk chocolate doesn’t contain as many health benefits as dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate – Easily identified by its dark brown colour, dark chocolate has all the benefits of eating chocolate. It contains polyphenolic compounds like antioxidants and flavonoids, which has a direct effect on health. Antioxidants can reduce inflammation and contribute to improved brain function. It’s usually made using chocolate liquor and sugar but with as much as 80% cocoa alone. Without milk and with less sugar, dark chocolate tends to be harder. The higher amount of cocoa content means that using dark chocolate in baked goods gives them a thick chocolate flavour. The lack of milk also contributes to a longer shelf life compared to other types.


How to Choose the Perfect Birthday Chocolate

Once you’ve decided on the type of chocolate you want to buy, there are other factors that should be included in your decision. Does the person you’re buying for have any allergies? If you’re getting the gift for your significant other, perhaps you would like to choose a chocolate that comes in a heart-shaped box with a prettier bow?


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